Tuesday, 11 September 2018



ROMWE is an online website that sells affordable clothing at a decent to good quality and always provides amazing deals and offers.

I had been constantly seeing many Youtubers and Bloggers rave about this website, therefore I myself went to view what the online store had to offer. It had a wide variety of clothing and accessories options and the front page had loads of shipping deals and discount codes.

I saw that there was free UK shipping with a minimum £24.99 spending so I bought a few pieces and here is my review:

When purchasing any clothing item from ROMWE, I suggest you size up as I am normally a Small but I opted for Medium as I knew the sizes ran on the smaller size.


Polka Dot wrap Self Tie Waist Frill Cami Dress

I ordered a size Medium and it fit perfectly as it had adjustable straps. The material is slightly see through and is a struggle to wrap up, but overall the dress is super cute and I had received many compliments from it.

Polka Dot Wrap Dress


All the bikinis were less than £10

seam Detail Triangle Bikini Set

This White triangle bikini set came with padding and adjustable straps, I bought it in size Medium. It was comfortable to wear and was a stretchy material. The bottoms were not see through and the top is a has a secure clasp.

White Triangle Bikini

This Royal Blue bikini set came with padding and adjustable straps, I bought it in size Medium. It is similar to the white bikini set with it being stretchy and comfortable to wear. The colour was bright and vibrant like the pictures shown and the top is a has a secure clasp.

Royal Blue Triangle Bikini Set

Royal Blue Triangle Bikini Set

This Burnt Orange bikini set came with padding and no adjustable straps, I bought it in size Medium, but the top and bottoms were on the slightly tight size even though I had sized up. It was comfortable to wear but the material was quite restrictive. The bottoms are quite cheeky and the top is a had a secure clasp.

Burnt Orange Triangle Bikini Set

This Red bikini set came with padding and no adjustable straps, I bought it in size Medium.  It was comfortable to wear and the material was stretchy, but the bottoms are quite cheeky. The top is quite small and those who are well blessed, unlike me, might have some struggles. The red is as vibrant as picture shown and the top is a had a secure clasp.

Red Triangle Bikini Set

The overall website was easy to navigate and it had many filter options, with a variety of pictures to view. The review option was also helpful as many customers expressed their opinions whether it was good and bad with attached pictures, so I could avoid any mishaps.

Even though I had free shipping and it had come from Europe, it came within 3-5 working days, with free tracking. The package came all at once and products came in a plastic packaging with a seal-able top.

If you are to shop at ROMWE, I suggest you constantly look out for shipping deals and discounts on the items you would like to purchase. There are ALWAYS sales going on, so be sure to always read the reviews about the quality and sizing before purchasing!

I recommend this website and will purchase from them again in the future.


For UK students, you are able to recieve 10% off ROMWE all year round, as long as you have a verified Student Beans account :)

Thursday, 15 June 2017



This outfit is suitable for chilly weathers and is simple yet comforatble. 

>Top - Zara
>Jeans - Topshop Leigh
>Leather jacket - Unspecified
>Scarf - Edinburgh
>Shoes - Office
>Bag - Longchamp

Front view of Outfit #3

Side view of Outfit #3

Thursday, 18 May 2017



In January 2017, I attended the ZICO X MISBHV concert at KOKO, Mornington Crescent. 
The tickets that I wanted were sold out within 15 minutes, but thankfully my friend was able to get us the tickets. I got the VVIP tickets which costed £110, with an additional £10 fee for the booking, and this included early entry from 6pm, meet and greet with Zico himself and a free long sleeve top that was made from the collaboration of Zico and MISBHV

I personally don't think the VVIP tickets were worth £110, as they sold VVIP tickets to LOADS of people, and the meet and greet with Zico was barely 1 minute long. After waiting in the cold for 1.5 hours, they just quickly ushered us into the room with Zico and took the picture, we weren't allowed to take our own pictures and Zico himself didn't seem like he wanted to talk or communicate, but this was probably due to the fact that he had only just flew into the UK.

After entering the venue, we saw that we couldn't get to the front so we opted to go up to the third floor where we could see everything clearly.

The show didn't officially start until 10:45pm with Zico, the show was meant to start at 10pm with zico, but it got delayed. I thought that the opening performances were really not suitable for this crowd with a DJ and group of rappers performing that most people did not know of, so the crowd was quite dead.
Due to Zico's lateness, many were restless, but when he finally came on, it was all hyped and I believe overall many people enjoyed it. BUT the thing is, Zico started to peform at 10:45, but the show ended at roughly 11:10. Everyone had waited for more than 4 hours and paid a lot of money for just 30 minutes of Zico's performance. Many were frustrated and opted not to stay for the after party, which was just performances of the previous DJ's and rappers.

Although the timing of the performance wasn't great, I did enjoy the performance Zico put on and was happy to receive Zico's long sleeve shirt in black.

The long sleeve was of good quality printing, but the material is quite thin. I'm 5'3, so the sleeves felt extra long for me, but the length was fine, reaching mid-thigh.
I loved the overall design of the shirt and couldn't be happier. It was also a 'meh' first concert experience, but at least I got to meet Zico :D!!

Pictures of the front of ZICO X MISBHV long sleeve

Shoes are from newlook

Tuesday, 2 May 2017



I occasionally post Vlog's on my youtube channel, whether they be United Kingdom based, or abroad in Europe and Asia!

Please do join me on my adventures.