Wednesday, 11 June 2014



I bought this simple satchel bag online at Topshop for £28. The delivery was quick and unexpected. It was delivered to me 2 days after ordering, on Good Friday! This was quite unexpected as Good Friday is a special occasion in the UK and workers normally have the day off; deliveries are also normally delayed.
Is it just me or do you get really excited when you receive your parcels?
The bag is a nice pastel blue colour with clear stitching patterns. There is a limited amount of space so you can only carry small necessary items. My long rectangular purse takes up most of the space so I can't carry as many things as I normally do. Inside there is a medium sized zipper and a small pocket to put your phone in.

The fabric of the satchel feels a little hard, but it is study and strong. The strap is at a reasonable length but the length can not be adjusted.
Overall, I love this bag. However, it was a little expensive for its size and I would only use it in short outings or when I go shopping where I don't need to bring as many things.

You can purchase it here:

 The pastel blue Topshop satchel
 The inside of the satchel

My long rectangular purse takes up most of the space inside
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