Friday, 21 November 2014



A big thank you to TRIANGL for giving me this opportunity!
I was contacted from TRIANGL swimwear and was offered to be sent a bikini of my choice. I debated whether to choose the 'Penny Wanderlust' or 'Dakota Superfly' bikini. I ended up choosing the Dakota Superfly bikini and I notified Triangl.

Penny Wanderlust Bikini
Dakota Superfly Bikini-

The overall delivery process was very easy and well communicated. I was able to track the delivery online and was emailed that my item was being processed. I was also messaged via text on the day and estimate time of arrival which was very helpful.

I had been told that it would come within 10 working days, but it had arrived in 7 which was very good because I couldn't wait for it to arrive! It had arrived on-time in good condition.

The bikini came in a medium sized grey bag containing the bikini inside. The packaging had the words 'TRIANGL' imprinted on it. I bought the top and bottom bikini in a size small and it fit perfectly! The bikini is simple yet stylish and it is very easy to slip on. The top half of the bikini has an easy clip on clasp and has good padding. The top half of the bikini is black with white mesh and stitching detail and the bottom half of the bikini is a very vibrant neon orange with black colored padding. 

The overall bikini is at a high quality and the material is soft. I LOVE it! 

TRIANGL Dakota Superfly Swimwear

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