Saturday, 21 June 2014



I bought the floral blue and dark blue shorts from Forever 21 and the pastel green pair are from Primark.

I love the vibrant floral blue shorts but they are a bit short. They were £10.50. It is a soft cotton fabric and has ruffels at the ends. There are no pockets and has an elastic waist so it will perfectly fit on to the waist/hip area.

I also had the royal blue shorts which were £12.50. I bought them in XS but they were still too big so I had to return them. I would of loved go keep them though. The pair of shorts had an elastic waistband and two pockets. Though the pockets can easily be weighed down and cause the shorts to slant to one side.

The Primark pair of shorts were pajama bottoms in a minty green color with simple patterns. They are very comfort but it is again too short.

Overall I love all of these shorts. They are affordable  and will purchase from these shops again.
Primark Mint Green pajama shorts, Forever 21 Royal blue and Floral blue shorts
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